Claiming more than 150,000 lives all over the world, COVID-19 is the biggest pandemic our generation has ever witnessed.

At EEGRAB, we understand how the entire world is facing a crisis right now and so, we have come up with a unique product to make the world a safer place. We present to you DetecV - an intelligent gateway probe, equipped with a high quality temperature sensor. DetecV can help thousands of business stakeholders to safely convene their business, along with keeping public safety in close scrutiny.

Primary features of DetecV

Sophisticated IR Temperature Sensor Elegant 7-inch LCD Display Customisable alarm system Smart utilization of pre-existing infrastructure

Products & Services

EEGRAB offers clients a diverse portfolio of some of the most innovative products based on IoT, mobile technologies and business applications. Tailor-made to suit each of our valuable customer’s needs, our services are made possible by years of expertise and in-depth knowledge of business, helping transform client requirements into tangible solutions.


FADOfc, an end-to-end resolution for workspace assignment and management, helps large businesses to designate specific workplaces for employees and visitors automatically such that no usable area remains unutilized. With rising prices of workspace facilities, FADOfc helps enterprises use open spaces for maximum usage by visitors and employees and also assists in cutting down real estate costs.


An innovative key management solution and with the help of IoT, Wishkey lessens the use of age-old methods to access and return keys to their specific positions after their work is done by employees inside office areas. Wishkey comes with high-level security rules in place and uses two-level SSO and RFID authentication before keys can be accessed and a fool-proof digital technique to grant access.

File Tracker

An IoT and AI-based automatic file tracking system, FADO File Tracker, is EEGRAB’s answer to how files and other official and essential paperwork that have been handled physically by businesses can now be managed and stored in a smarter and more digitised manner. FADO File Tracker uses a low-cost network and RFID-attached files and shelves, which makes file tracking easier and less cumbersome.


Areas like warehouses and other such work areas where efficient asset tracking improves business flow manifolds, BLoRa supports motion detection, location spotting and indoor and outdoor tracing using GPS, Bluetooth beacons and LoRa-WAN. Equipped with sensors like accelerometer and gyroscope, location can be tracked up to 1 to 5 metres of accuracy.


A brilliant synergy of IoT and AI, FADO Lockers are easy-to-use and dynamic storage allocation systems, for small and large office spaces. The lockers are highly reliable, secure and require very low maintenance while the allocation system, running in the backend, is exceptionally flexible and also supports identity detection. The whole system employs a multi-layered security structure with different recognition technologies and can be controlled easily via FADO apps and web-services.

IT Vending Machine

One of the most necessary utility systems that can be employed in modern offices, FADO IT Vending Machines help in dispatching and keeping track of office inventories automatically, while significantly reducing the time which employees devote to procuring such products. Our smart vending machines support encrypted data transfers, which makes them extra secure and also auto-populate inventory stocks and sales, such that no manual intervention is required.


The iBOX, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, that employs both IoT and data analytics, is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for secure transit and package delivery systems. Secured in a robust and tamper-proof metallic build, our smart iBOX features superior electronic sensors and a lock, real-time location tracking and remotely operated security controls, keeping reusability in mind.

Custom IoT Solution

Other than the smart solutions which we have invented and provided to our different clients worldwide, EEGRAB also assures delivery of other IoT and Machine Learning-based solutions, tailored for new needs of clients. EEGRAB, as an IoT and ML start-up, promises to provide custom-based resolutions for all of your needs to ease operation flow.


Prioritizing security over other factors, EEGRAB's FADOAccess is a contemporary solution for datacentres across the globe. Present-day datacentres are usually implemented via a shared model and it is of paramount importance that only authorized personals are allowed to access them for regular maintenance and modifying their underlying infrastructure. FADOAccess does exactly that by using digitized locks, which can only be opened via a central admin console.


FADOLocate is an effective asset and employee tracking system that assures workspaces that no asset or employee is unaccounted for, when outside the premises. FADOLocate uses GPS and other location-tracking systems to effectively pinpoint the location of required employees or objects, which might be essential for the orderly operation of a workspace.

App Maker

App Maker, as the name suggests, is a ready-made package to make and deliver customised apps for mobile devices to be used by small-scale to medium-scale businesses. App Maker relieves firms of the need to hire skilled developers for making basic applications, which can act as growth hackers for themselves.


Another innovative solution for offices and establishments, FADOiLocate complements another EEGRAB product, FADOLocate, by extending asset and employee tracking when they are inside office grounds. FADOiLocate consists of a small tracking device in case of an asset or a wearable in case of an employee, which can be connected wirelessly to a centralised system via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons to precisely point their locations.

Our Valuable Clients

We build specialized custom solution for various verticles of industry, some of them are listed below:

Technology Specialization

Consulting & Integration

EEGRAB provides cutting-edge smart solutions to businesses and industries, customised to their various business management and entrepreneurial needs. Our products include IoT enabled CPS technologies, budget-smart small business components and cloud based services. We, at EEGRAB are dedicated to our vision of a smarter, more secure future for businesses and offer custom solutions that help our clients function simply and more productively. Designed to work together effortlessly, our products are as easy to deploy as they are to use.


Innovative service platform makes it easy to build smart IoT eco system that stimulate streams of data from connected devices and sensors, enrich the data, analyze it, and then initiate action "in real time."


A range of consulting and integration offering from AWS, Azure and Firebase for your infrastructure to software applications


Consulting services to integrate various MLaaS and Legacy database system to process large amount structured and unstructured data for IoT environment.


Customise and integrate set of machine learning algorithms from Azure, AWS to solve special requirement of your project in the field of AI.


Offering customise solutions for multiple mobile development platform to meet your requirements i.e, MDM, Hot seating, Mobile APP.

Our Values & Objectives

We live in oneness

Aims to excel as a technology company for IoT based open platforms, Mobile applications and open applications for business. The company intends to drive behavioral transformation in businesses though technology applications, easy to implement solutions with minimum disruption. The company is driven by deep sets of values, which itself support the open and inclusive nature of the technology we create.
EEGRAB: Provides products and custom solutions to anyone or company which is looking for transformation. EEGRAB understands that all goals are the same but the understanding of the paths are different. Our open approach allows our customers to ask for almost anything they can think of.

Minimize Conflict

The only aim for our people, partners and peers is to remain inclusive in everything we do, avoid conflicts at all cost


We aim to treat and be treated equally and with equanimity for everything. Our constant aim is to maintain the level with all our actions.


We understand that nothing else brings joy more than creativity and innovation. We constantly endeavor to bring joy in every relationship we make.


Our Valued Client Shared Their Thoughts
“We developed a great partnership with Eegrab, their dedication and ingenuity in IoT and smart campus solutions has complimented TCS’s digital journey. We really appreciate their technical know-how and professional approach to delivering the solution. Looking forward to future engagements”

Kunal Krushev

Over the past 2 years ,we ideated and developed innovative IoT ,digital and networking solutions with Kuntal and his wonderful team of Eegrab.They have wonderful technical know and an intense passion in their area , which helped us come out with innovative solution sets thats so relevant in the new normal era ..wish them the best

Abir Banerjee

Our Technology Partners

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