Products & Services

EEGRAB specializes in products and product based services for our clients. We have some of the most innovative product platforms based on IOT, Mobile Technology and business applications.We also works with customers to develop custom solutions, specifically conceptualized by the customers. We leverage our diverse expertise and deep knowledge of business into transforming clients requirements into delightful solutions.


IOT enabled camapus management solution. The CONFAB platform integrates a host of IOT sensors and mobile technology to manage access, scheduling and resource allocation for our customers.


Remotely managed CPS allocation and security solution. Design of flexible CPS with multi layer security enabled.


Mobile enabled POS for small business. Complete backend integration of solution on cloud.

App Maker

maker: Easy to launch personalized and custom apps for events and for small businesses

Our Valuable Clients

We build specialized custom solution for various verticles of industry, some of them are listed below:

Technology Specialization

Consulting & Integration

We help companies and industries seeking intelligent business management and product service innovation: Systematic innovation of "Internet of Things " flexible CPS intelligent engine technology, scenario and application on traditional enterprise IT hardware and software platform Lighter, lower cost "smart business components", agile refactoring into the next-generation CPS smart network of information physical closed-loop interconnection.


Innovative service platform makes it easy to build smart IoT eco system that stimulate streams of data from connected devices and sensors, enrich the data, analyze it, and then initiate action "in real time."


A range of consulting and integration offering from AWS, Azure and Firebase for your infrastructure to software applications


Consulting services to integrate various MLaaS and Legacy database system to process large amount structured and unstructured data for IoT environment.


Customise and integrate set of machine learning algorithms from Azure, AWS to solve special requirement of your project in the field of AI.


Offering customise solutions for multiple mobile development platform to meet your requirements i.e, MDM, Hot seating, Mobile APP.

Our Values & Objectives

We live in oneness

Aims to excel as a technology company for IoT based open platforms, Mobile applications and open applications for business. The company intends to drive behavioral transformation in businesses though technology applications, easy to implement solutions with minimum disruption. The company is driven by deep sets of values, which itself support the open and inclusive nature of the technology we create.
EEGRAB: Provides products and custom solutions to anyone or company which is looking for transformation. EEGRAB understands that all goals are the same but the understanding of the paths are different. Our open approach allows our customers to ask for almost anything they can think of.

Minimize Conflict

The only aim for our people, partners and peers is to remain inclusive in everything we do, avoid conflicts at all cost


We aim to treat and be treated equally and with equanimity for everything. Our constant aim is to maintain the level with all our actions.


We understand that nothing else brings joy more than creativity and innovation. We constantly endeavor to bring joy in every relationship we make.

Our Technology Partners